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Private health insurance under the lens

Alexander Holden and Heiko Spallek juxtapose the Grattan Institute report “The history and purposes of private health insurance” with two recent papers published in The Lancet to stimulate a public debate about Australian PHI.

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Senior leadership training

Heiko Spallek has been repeatedly invited as speaker to share his experiences as senior academic leader.

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Oral health – an essential component of a healthy life.

Four years into Australia’s "National Oral Health Plan 2015 – 2024", we are a long way from being able to measure anything meaningful about Australia’s progress in oral health.

Read blog post designed the logo for the newly founded Association for Dental Education, Asia Pacific and provides consulting services for the development of its corporate identity and Website.

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No clever answers!
Finding the right questions about dental care in Australia.

The significant impact that dental disease makes to the financial and social burdens of preventable chronic illness in Australia is rarely acknowledged, although there is substantial evidence of the inequalities in access to dental care. Heiko touches on the political debate; oral-systemic health connection; workforce development, education, training and research; and finally the costs involved and who pays, in an attempt to formulate the right question on how to change the current situation.

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We've designed the logo for the Collaboration for Health IT for which Heiko is a volunteer consultant. The Collaboration is working to effect generational change in Electronic Health Records (EHR) software in order to advance progress in clinical care, research and education within the dental profession.

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Prof Spallek's paper among TOP 10 'Journal of Dental Education (JDE)' articles in 2015

Social media consist of powerful tools that impact not only communication but relationships among people, thus posing an inherent challenge to the traditional standards of who we are as dental educators and what we can expect of each other.
Heiko Spallek is first author of a set of articles analysing the use of social media in the dental school environment, and how the world of social media has changed dental education.

Heiko Spallek, Sharon P. Turner, Evelyn Donate-Bartfield, David Chambers, Maureen McAndrew, Pamela Zarkowski, and Nadeem Karimbux: Social Media in the Dental School Environment. Part A: Benefits, Challenges, and Recommendations for Use; Part B: Curricular Considerations. J Dent Educ. 2015; 79:1140-1166

Abstract, part 1 Abstract, part 2 ADEA press release's 2016 photo calendar has been published. In addition to the photographs, "How to tips" and recipes can be found on a companion Website.

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Heiko Spallek serves as PI (principal investigator) of a unique project funded by an award from the National Institutes of Health Pain Consortium. It brings together 21 interdisciplinary faculty members from six health sciences schools at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Chicago to create six interprofessional web-based educational modules. The e-learning case-based interactive module are developed to teach medical students important principles for evaluating and managing CLBP in older adults. Teaching focuses on common errors, interactivity, and expert modeling and feedback.

NIH press release Learn more produced a series of promotional videos for the NYU Bluestone Center for Clinical Research in New York City. Our work included copy-writing, staging, shooting and post-production.

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The cost of health IT produced a video to accompany a research paper on the costs of health IT to increase impact and explain research methodology.

Spallek H, Johnson L, Kerr J, Rankin D: Costs of Health IT: Beginning to Understand the Financial Impact of a Dental School EHR. Journal of Dental Education, 2014, 78(11): 1542-1551, PMID: 25362696

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