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Beauty Shots

A beauty dish and a golden reflector is used to bounce the light back to the face. As an alternative, a softbox can be added as shown here. This traditional clamshell setup, or variation of it, creates the typical beauty shot look. The close softbox creates a nice mixture of light and shadow with lots of drama.


Glamour Shots

In this typical setup the model is close to the light source and the entire body is facing the light. When shot with a wide-open aperture the entire image is not in focus, but only the eye closest to the camera--the rest is in soft focus.


Interesting Shadows

Shadows are bad! No, not really. Soft shadows can add depth and create a mood. Sometimes, if there is no shadow the model seems to float in front of the background.


Large Stage

Our 10 foot ceiling and the 107" wide seamless background allows for an active shoot of one or more persons avoiding any distracting from background objects. Lights form several angels allows us to eliminate any shadows.


Relaxed Atmosphere

As we are taking pictures in a relaxed environment without time pressure we can create studio pictures with small kids, pets and pretty much everyone who wants to create a special memory for themselves or others.


Product Photography